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 NetEase gets China non-approval notice, Blue posts

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PostSubject: NetEase gets China non-approval notice, Blue posts    Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:52 pm

NetEase gets China non-approval notice, Blue posts
wow gold
NetEase gets China non-approval notice
Reuters reported that China didn't approve World of Warcraft in China ... I guess the future of the game doesn't look good in China.
wow gold
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 2 (Reuters) - China's No.2 Internet games operator NetEase.com Inc (NTES.O) said it has been notified by a Chinese government agency that its operation of the World of Warcraft game does not have proper approval.

China's General Administration of Press and Publication posted a statement on its Website that the NetEase affiliate company that operates World of Warcraft should suspend charging users to play the game and not allow new account registrations, according to NetEase.

Blue posts

Dungeon System and LFG Channel
I don't think people queuing for an instance they don't really want to do is good for the LFG tool, especially if there are folks legitimately trying to run that dungeon. I realize it's a way to opt into the LFG channel rather than just having it be global for everyone, but it's a clunky way. With cross-realm LFG there is also a much higher chance you actually will find a group even for obscure dungeons.
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I think there is some legitimacy to the players who want to just monitor what's going on while on an alt, but again the groups will typically get filled so fast that there is less need to do something while you wait, unless you're talking about raids, in which case you can sit on an alt and browse who is in the channel. Just remember that if everyone is browsing and nobody is listing themselves that it will be harder to form groups.

The reality that some players play many characters regularly is something we are trying to embrace more and more. We are putting more emphasis on your account and less on your actual character, so we hope to chip away at those moments where you feel punished for being on character A instead of character B (such as trying to find a group in this case).
aion gold
Quel'delar questline requirements
This comes from 5-player dungeons so it won't be as gargantuan as the shifting sands or as material heavy as the Hand of Ragnaros, but it will still require running a few instances and some dedication just to start it.

Quel'delar Stats
We will post details on the stats before the patch launches, but you'll have to wait for now - sorry, this is the only answer available at the moment.
Handbags wow gold
Tanking / Chill of the Throne
Gear and Avoidance numbers going too high ygygyoiihh
Of course it was "our fault." We're not blaming anyone. I was just explaining why avoidance still got so high despite our best intentions. You may have scaled the gear down had you been in our shoes, but we picked the numbers we thought would be enticing enough to get players to try the hard modes while still allowing everyone to feel like they could upgrade their gear.
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It wasn't inevitable either. We debated Chill of the Throne long and hard. We easily could have gone the other way. We think the encounters will be more fun with the current implementation though. wow gold zdm.

It starts with a simple email from Blizzard. Hmmm, it's my first-ever email from Blizzard that causes immediate concern. It says that my account has been "banned and deleted" for buying or selling in-game gold for profit. I am stare at it in shock for a minute ... Is this a joke?

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NetEase gets China non-approval notice, Blue posts
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